Racial Equity

Value Statement

Chicago African Americans in Philanthropy (CAAIP) affirms a commitment to racial equity grantmaking, a commitment fueled by a desire to highlight and dismantle systemic racism and its cumulative impact on the African American community. 

By utilizing a racial equity lens in grantmaking, philanthropic organizations can help begin the dismantling of structures that support and perpetuate racial inequity.

Accomplishing Racial Equity

Racial equity is situational fairness resulting in the inability to predict advantage or disadvantage by race, improving social and institutional outcomes overall while closing racial gaps within those outcomes.  It requires addressing areas where structural racism exists.  It also requires applying differential resources to unequal needs; removing barriers for dissimilarly situated individuals, families, and communities; and treating similarly situated individuals, families, and communities equally.


Applying a racial equity lens to grantmaking involves many components, including:

  • analyzing data and information about race and ethnicity;

  • understanding disparities and learning why they exist;

  • looking at problems and their root causes from a structural perspective; and

  • naming race explicitly when talking about problems and solutions. 


CAAIP calls on grantmaking foundations across the Chicago region to not only commit to advancing racial equity in their grantmaking, but to also adopt a racial equity lens.

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